Your Neighborhood Boutique Pet Store

Where every dog can have its day with the highest quality, and best variety, of pet nutrition, attire and accessories.
Locally-made cookies and treats are sure to delight any and every dog. Organic, all natural ingredients will have your pupper’s tail wagging and chops licking!
A wide variety of healthy dog food provides options for dogs of all ages and with all needs. We want to help your whole pack be healthy, and are especially equipped to feed your special-needs underdogs!
Who doesn’t like giving a treat that will earn you a doggie head tilt? Flavors and varieties abound for your tasty needs, from training treats to low-fat morsels!
Two Pals & a Pup strives to be your go-to location for high-quality, luxurious, functional dog food and accessories.
Located just down the street, we are your pet store partner in pup parenthood, personally guiding and supporting you to loving wags through every stage of your fur baby’s journey! We don’t want you barking up the wrong tree. Two Pals and a Pup knows that your pets are your family, so there is no need to visit a big box doghouse, when every dog can sit and stay here in your own backyard. At Two Pals and a Pup, we know nutrition and we know style.
We Know Pups!
For some pet entertainment to keep your fur family out of the doghouse, our specialty pet store features a wide array of functional dog-themed accoutrements to keep your pups busy and happy!
Adorn your pups/pets in comfort and style. As a local pet store, we understand the need to have your Mile-High dogs geared-up and ready for both active and luxurious Colorado adventures.
Archer - Pup of the Week
Lady Bird - Pup of the Week
Lady Bird
Rooster - Pup of the Week
Joey - Pup of the Week
Especially for those wanting to howl about how your adorable and amazing pup stands out from the pack! Each week we select one doggo to be featured as Pup of the Week on Instagram. We wag like a dog with two tails for mutts and purebreds alike!

Tail Wags

While we can run with the big dogs, we prefer to let every dog have its day in our charming specialty pet shop, where every visit is a personalized experience. Assisted by a fully-trained staff of animal lovers, we can be trusted to provide sound advice when it comes to gathering strong nutritional guidance for your furry family member.
Two Pals and a Pup provides the finest (and safest) products for your four-legged friends.
These premium offerings include our featured, and licensed, fresh homemade treats, including the popular ‘Tummy Yummy Birthday Cakes’ (for your pup’s delight), and North American, NAICS, AAFCO certified consumables. At Two Pals and a Pup, we empower you to be the best pup/pet parent you can be, with nutritional advice, the best products and a warm and inviting community of pup/pet-obsessed people.
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