Jeannette Simmons
Owner – Two Pals and a Pup

Jeannette Simmons

Experienced Project Manager is crazy for canines and decides to bark to the future.
Upon entering Two Pals and a Pup you will most-likely find Jeannette on the floor welcoming a pup with a treat, or four.

Jeannette comes from a large family that has always loved dogs.

Growing up, her dad would always bring home strays, and that is how her passion for dog love began. Currently the owner of four Yorkshire Terriers, two guardian angel yorkies, and a ranch dog, this self-proclaimed “crazy dog lady” shares a deep love and appreciation for all animals.

From her early career in retail and customer service to her current experience as a Project Manager, Jeannette has a vast understanding of a variety of workplace roles. This new endeavor will allow her to combine her years of professional experience and accolades with her love for our four-legged friends.

A family-owned boutique dog store and bakery, where every dog has its day.
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