Stacey Bennett
Owner – Two Pals and a Pup

Stacey Bennett

Accomplished operations manager, loves dogs and decides to woof this way.
As an at-home baker, Stacey is thrilled to mix her hobby of baking with her love of animals.

Stacey grew up with dogs all her life

As a kid she raised chickens, handpicking each of their names based on their personalities. As a teenager she dreamed of becoming a marine biologist who specialized in dolphins. Straying from her teenage dream, Stacey became an accomplished logistics and operations manager with more than 10 years of professional experience. Having worked for large corporations and a small startup, Stacey decided to take a leap of faith and join the Denver small business community. Currently the dog-mom of two rescues, Sydney and Bandit, Stacey can be seen walking the Cherry Creek trail or hanging out under a tree in Wash Park.

Professionally, Stacey excels in warehouse management, accounting, and business operations; this knowledge and understanding allows for Two Pals and a Pup to continue to thrive and grow in the Denver community. Her fervor for small businesses, women-owned businesses, and dogs will only fuel her passion to position Two Pals and a Pup for continued success.

Stacey Bennett and her pups
A family-owned boutique dog store and bakery, where every dog has its day.
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