What’s the story. . .

If you’ve ever thought “there’s gotta be more to life than this,” then you’ll understand why the two pals founded Two Pals & A Pup. Taking a chance, one pal abandoned corporate America and jumped feet first into the retail pet industry!

After evaluating current industry trends and assessing various market segments, they concluded that many buyers were looking for more diversified product offerings and a better buying experience — not well served by the large pet store conglomerates. The goal was to create an “old school” neighborhood shop; a place you could stop in with your pet and be greeted with good conversation, friendly banter and a smile!

The pals made a conscious decision to invest their time and energy into a business for four legged customers and their two legged friends – to truly make a difference every time the door is opened. Two Pals & A Pup capitalizes on its ability to provide a quality experience for both pets and pet owners…from the conversation to the cookies!

Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Well these ladies are taking this shot! Their hope is that you’ll come to view the store as a little piece of sanity in this crazy world. A place where you can come with your best friend and watch the tails wag!

Who’s the pup. . .Griff and Bo C

Bocephus was “the original pup” of Two Pals & A Pup and the inspiration for their logo. This little guy was all heart with a healthy dose of Cairn Terrier attitude! Bo had a lot to do with the pal’s decision to invest in their own business, as he was born with kidney disease. During his lifespan, this lil’ guy taught them a great deal about animal nutrition, toy shredding and unending love! Bocephus gave kidney disease a run for its money and went out in typical terrier fashion – all spunk! Right now we’re sure he’s chasing all the pups that have gone before him in heaven.

Before losing Bo, the pals brought Griffin into their lives – a Wire Haired Pointing Griffon. Bo taught his brother all the important things…how to bark, beg and be the boss! “Griff” now wears the pup title proudly. He’s a fluffy bird dog who is energetic, happy and ready to point all shoppers to his “favorite” items. This is a dog that wakes up with his tail wagging and goes to bed with a cold nose … every single day. He doesn’t work weekends and really isn’t concerned if his hair’s a mess…he’s just happy to see you! He tells the pals when he wants to work and when he wants to lounge…not a bad gig if you can get it!