Beyond Canines, We Care About Our Community

As a woman-owned and family-run business, we’re committed to giving back and connecting with the local community: it takes a whole pack to succeed!

We Woof Because We Care

We are not only a place where neighbors and their pups enjoy greeting one another, we know that each of us leave paw prints on the heart of our community. Supporting other small businesses and non-profit organizations strengthens the leashes that bind us.
Animal Rescue
Sometimes we have to bark for those who cannot bark for themselves. They say to err is human and to forgive is canine, but sometimes furry pals need an extra paw up. We support animal rescue efforts, including those howling for help from abuse, neglect or natural disaster.
Autism is a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain, resulting in difficulty with communication and social interactions. Those with Autism likely benefit from the calmness and relaxation of cuddling with their favorite pups. We support Autism awareness.
Local Sourcing
Sourcing products from our local economy (both from within the US and especially from within Colorado) helps the environment with reduced emissions and energy use. It also gives our customers greater confidence in knowing where our products are from. We support local sourcing.
Pet Adoption
Coloradans love dogs. Almost 110,000 dogs and cats are adopted here each year, with almost 45,000 being transferred in from out of state because they have a better chance of finding their human here. We support giving a second chance at a furever home to those whose bark is worse than their bite.
Small Business
Small businesses sometimes feel like the teacups and miniatures of industry. They provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and often provide greater job satisfaction. Small businesses contribute to the economy and create new jobs. We support other small businesses.
Women-Owned Business
Almost 45% of Colorado’s small businesses are owned by women; about 49% of Colorado’s population is made up of women. Not too bad. When you’re running with the big dogs, sometimes you need a little pack mentality. We support other women-owned businesses.
We want to be barking up the right tree. Zero-waste is the practice of repurposing and reusing products to avoid sending trash into landfills and the environment. We do our part by minimizing single-use packaging and support manufacturers who do the same.
For your paws only: from our dog bakery to your dog dish!
Over 10 brands of healthy dog food available – something for every member of your pack
How are you treating your pups? Hopefully to some biscuits onboard!
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