Dog Bakery

Your local dog bakery with treats to make your doggy drool! Chop lickin’ good.

In-House Dog Bakery

Canine-friendly carrot cake generously topped with a yummy frosting. Woof!
Crisp and crunchy cookies baked with organic ingredients and puppy love!
We double-dog-dare you to try this rich and moist peanut butter cake.
Go fetch some sweet cookies made doggie-safe with carob chips!
Hot dog! Our popular cake literally says Happy Birthday to your best friend!

Locally Sourced Bakery Items

A rotating assortment of decorated canine cookies, sure to be a special reward for every good boy and good girl.
Another way to celebrate your birthday fur-boy or fur-girl with a blue or pink crunchy Birthday Bone!

A Little Bark About Our Dog Bakery

The pure love of a pup/pet reminds us of all the goodness and wholesomeness found in our furry friends. In return, we want to provide them with all the nurturing and healthy sustenance we can through premium dog bakery offerings like our featured and licensed homemade treats. These include our popular ‘Tummy Yummy Birthday Cakes’ for your pup’s zip zoomie delight! We use only fresh, organic ingredients, and while they are meant for your pup, they’re safe enough for you, too!
As many options as there are breeds, our extensive selection of premium dog foods have something for every discerning owner and even the picky pups in your pack. Our menu of kibble, canned, and freeze-dried foods includes raw, organic and grain-free options, as well as choices for those with special dietary needs.
Premium quality dog treats can assist in delivering a dog’s personal dietary needs and provide additional health benefits. Natural ingredients and an expansive, yet tailored selection, can help your canine compatriot to be hot doggin’ with healthier skin, joints, teeth and digestion!
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