Healthy Dog Food

Woof! It’s what for dinner. The finest and safest healthy dog food for your furry friends.

The Brands We Carry

Colorado-made, straight from the source. No growls, grains or fillers, just howls, belly rubs, protein, fruits and veggies.
Specially-formulated food for special dogs in need of specialized diets. Made in the USA with quality ingredients. It’s a dog thing.
With sustainability at it’s core, healthy dog food with a chihuahua-sized environmental impact, but Great Dane-sized health benefits!
Blending science and nature to make all-natural, scientifically-validated healthy dog food. Two paws up! If only we had opposable thumbs!
Wisconsin-based and family-run, healthy dog food from Fromm is packed with premium pup ingredients. Dogtastic!
Simple, made in the USA recipes and easily digestible food helps woofers to thrive! Doggos are all just beggin’ for a bite!
100% natural, 100% delicious. Whole, natural nutrition makes for all-around healthy and happy pets. There’s no bone to pick here!
Healthy dog food with premium nutrition, ethical sourcing, sustainability and transparency. Yip, yip, hooray, it feels good to feed your pup this way!
“Biologically Appropriate” healthy dog food that matches the eating anatomy of the dogs who crave it! Pups are barking mad for it!
Raw and natural, and made in the USA, healthy doggies beg, bark and grovel for Stella & Chewy’s! Ruff and ready for dinnertime!

Oh where, oh where did my dinner come from?

Your pets are your family and best friends, and the food you feed them shows just how big their paw prints are on your heart. It is important to discerning pet pawrents to know from where the ingredients in their canine cuisine come and how they are processed. Just like it is healthy for pawrents to eat wholesome, simple foods, you want to know that your fur babies are, as well.
The word on the walks is that your pup deserves a treat. Every tasty need can be satisfied from our abundant selection of biscuits and morsels!
Every good dogophile knows that homemade and locally-made cookies and treats are total paw pleasers! They make you want to raise the woof!
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